Download Canon Service Tool V4200

Download this Service Tool V4200 below, don’t forget to enter service mode before running this software freeware. There’re many method to use this program. Download below to start using service tool.

  • Service Tool V4200 Download : Google drive, Mediafire (broken), or buy here.

How to Use canon service tool v4200 download ?

To use this freeware, you can find what methode you need for. Clean ink counter? Reset ink absorb? or other necessary. Find below for more details.

Clear Ink Counter Main :

  1. Take paper and load to the printer, then open Service Tool software.
  2. In Clear Ink Counter, Select Absorber > Main > Click Set
  3. Wait. Then Close the software. Turn Off printer about 10 seconds and Turn on to use, the printer ready to print.

Clear Ink Counter Main

Clear Ink Counter Main and Platen

  1. Like the steps above, then ink clear ink counter, select Platen.
  2. Close the software.
  3. Restart the printer to use.

Clear Ink Counter Main and Platen

Reset Ink Absorber Value Main

  1. Open the Programs by double clicking.
  2. In Ink Absorber Counter, select Absorber > Main, Counter Value > 0 > then Click Set
  3. Close the program, restart your printer to use.

Reset Ink Absorber Value Main

Reset Ink Absorber Value Main&Platen

  1. Open the software
  2. In Ink Absorber Counter > Select Main&Platen
  3. Set Counter Value to 0 > Click Set
  4. Close the software
  5. Restart your Canon printer

Reset Ink Absorber Value Main&Platen

Service Tool V4200 Canon Suppor Printer

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