Epson 1390 Paper Jam and PW Sensor Error

Last we got printer problem Epson 1390 Paper Jam and PW Sensor Error because we are use much paper to print. And it seems like the paper jammed and rips in the printer. After we clean the rips paper by opening the printer, we try to print with the Epson1390 printer again can’t working at all, we tried over and over again n still can not and there is writing said “PAPER JAM” on the printer Epson 1390.

Tips 1 Epson 1390 Paper Jam Solution

next after we find the way in the google search engine than we find ways to handle it, here’s how to Epson 1390 Paper Jam and PW Sensor Error:

  1. Open the printer cover, then pull out the paper that still jam with slowly until clean (slowly Yes, don’t be coerced. do not use a sharp things). Reinstall the cover after you doing that.
  2. If the status of the printer Epson 1390 not ready (the printer is still not usable/not yet operations), reset by unplug the printer power cable.

Tips 2 Epson 1390 Paper Jam

Epson 1390 Paper Jam and PW Sensor Error – If not managed well (still not printers can be used/haven’t been able operations), try the following steps:

  1. Open Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > Administration Tools > Services. Click the item Print Spooler, turn off the process by clicking “stop”.
  2. Refresh the Printer icon on toolbar bottom right (if there is, if there is no next step no. 3)
  3. Click Start > Printer and Faxs. (Right click > Refresh)
  4. Run the Print Spooler again on Services that your last stop, by clicking “start”
  5. The Printer is ready for use

Other Paper Jam Epson 1390 Solution

Just like car tires/motor if in continuous light then the tires will be fine and thinning caused by friction between the tyres and the asphalt, so the roller will continue thinning caused by friction on the rubber roller and materials that will be in print and here’s how to Epson 1390 Paper Jam and PW Sensor Error.

  1. Printer Epson 1390 is most commonly used to print on thicker materials (such as photo paper and the like) in the appeal to other printers
  2. The printer is also most commonly used to print on rough material (such as paper book, and the like) in the appeal to other printers

How to fix:

Epson 1390 Paper Jam solutionRemove and disconnect the rubber roller that I give the red circle in the picture (off does not mean in the damaged) from the track, and then give the black duct tape (the same as in the create copy volumes) by as much as 1 or 2 rounds on the rubber roller (width of duct tape should correspond to the width of the line) after that close the duct tape with a rubber roller that is last removed. Hopefully his tips can be useful.

PW Sensor Error

PW Sensor Error – I took care of to resolve the instance of the deadly mistake 61 also known as PW sensing unit mistake. The PW sensing unit setting up is recessed along with an ink sensing unit in the leading left section of the carriage (encountering the printer).

A copy of the R1800 solution software program.
Philips head screwdriver.
Some windex or alcohol.
Tinned air.

Next off, one has to get rid of the leading setting up. There are 2 little cords which need to be separated from the on/off buttons in the front appropriate side prior to eliminating the top. After these are unplugged, raise up the leading setting up paying interest to 2 plastic pin quick guides on either side.

You’ll be looking at a tiny black plastic component with a little screw as well as 2 tiny recessed openings. One has just what shows up to be a tiny LED like gadget (ink mark sensing unit) and also the various other residences the PW sensing unit. The PW sensing unit looks like a little lego with 2 little pins sticking out.

I cleansed them with a windex wetted Q-tip adhered to by a couple blasts of tinned air. It could be a little bit tough to get back in area, the sensing units are revealed, and also much more most likely to be ruined.

As an apart, I’m unsure how the PW sensing unit functions – whether it makes use of air, area result, etc to discover the paper’s side. The prongs do seem non-optical as well as hollow. , if any individual has specific expertise really feel totally free to chime in.

Next off, reconstruct the printer in the reverse order, once more paying focus to the products currently highlighted. Make use of the PW change tab to print out an examination sheet. I’m not certain how required it is to run an examination sheet, yet pushing on the sensing unit, I was worried that I knocked it out of placement.

With any kind of success you need to have the ability to print!

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