Epson 3880 Error Codes 1127, 1224, 150c, 1404, 1601

Epson 3880 Error Codes 1127, 1224, 150c, 1404, 1601 – Below are some error code which often happens on printer Epson 3880, some of which are error 1127, 1224, 150c, 1404, and 1601. To make it back to normal we make this article to help you.

Epson 3880 Error Codes 1127, 1224, 150c, 1404, 1601
Epson 3880 Error Codes 1127, 1224, 150c, 1404, 1601

Epson 3880 Error 1127

If the carriage cant see its setting (dirt or paper on placement encodeer) the epson printers do make a poor sound and wont be able print without mistakes in the size- was th elast print ok or was there any kind of upright banding. I had actually left the printer off for 2 or 3 days, and after beginning it up I listened to the all-too-familiar grating sound and obtained the 1121 error message. That was a couple of days back, and because after that I’ve been beginning the printer every day.

I’ve looked at the in of the printer for the Epson 3880 Error 1127, and cannot see anything I might change or tighten up to repair this myself, yet any kind of suggestions would certainly be welcome. There is a slim greyish clear strip that runs the complete size of the printer. This is the gadget that establishes the placement of the head.

Is the head car parking itself properly at the right when powered off?. When prepared to print it needs to get on the entrusted to pack the paper then relocate to the right to begin printing, see also Epson Pro 3880 Maintenance Cartridge and Tank Reset.

I think I’ll maintain utilizing it till it ultimately stops on me, given that I question if it would certainly set you back anymore to repair it after that compared to it would certainly currently. Relying on the price of fixings, it could be extra cost-effective to change the printer, as it was with the R800/1800 collection, yet that’s a bridge I’ll melt when I reach it.

Epson 3880 Error 1224

Exactly what I did was to transform the printer off, allow it rest with the power cord disconnected for a while. Attempt attaching the power cable television and transforming the printer back on once more. If it is still under service warranty, epson must merely send you a new printer.

I believe I may have discovered the reason for my problem: the paper sensing unit black bar that was connected to a springtime had not been affixed to the paper turning pole and consequently it might not leap back to its indigenous setting, as a result making the sensing unit believe there is still paper in the printer making it turn like insane. When I press this bar back to its indigenous placement, the printer acts like typical and the error message was gone. For the time being, I need to press this bar back with my finger to inform the printer the paper runs out the printer and ought to quit revolving to avoid the printer ending up being insane.

I aim to re-attach the springtime on this crucial bar to fix this error, yet I need to dismantle the printer to be able to obtain this done and I believe this will certainly be a laborious. Really my problem could be mapped back to a springtime that’s obtained removed from a paper sensing unit bar.

Epson 3880 Error codes 150c

I am not encouraged that the error issues printer of oil and gears. Particularly because it functioned up until the guarantee ran out.

Anyhow, after assuming over my circumstance, I came to the verdict that the 150C may be connected to the period in between printer usage. Prior to I removaled, I utilized the printer at the very least 2 times a week. After I removaled, I frequently went 2 weeks without making use of the printer and I would certainly obtain a 150C nearly ever before time I transformed it on.

I assume the tip that Epson provides to removal the printhead around pressures the printer to re-calibrate the head placement. Anyhow, as I have actually kept in mind, 8 weeks, utilizing the printer two times a week and not one 150C.

  • PF stage discovery error The APG sensing unit could not identify the beginning factor when the APG
  • Electric motor has actually owned for a fixed amount of time.
  • Change the APG electric motor (MOTOR, ASSY, APG).
  • Change the APG sensing unit, 1511
  • Driving time display break (APG) The APG electric motor flee unmanageable. Transform the printer power On and Off.
  • Change the primary board (BOARD ASSY., MAIN).

Epson 3880 Error 1404

Pump activity cycle over error The Pressure pump executed its motion cycle an established number of times (60 cycles), however the stress does not get to the defined degree due to a breakdown of the pump, sensing unit or electric motor. Air is leaking with a void in between the ink cartridge and the ink cartridge owner due to a blockage in between them. Examine joint of the ink cartridge and the ink cartridge owner, and eliminate any kind of blockage in between them if any type of.

Epson 3880 Printer Error 1601

The paper width sensor in Epson 3880 error, The PW sensor is look like broken. Replace the PW sensor with a new (BOARD ASSY., DETECTOR, PW;B) that’s will fix it. Sometimes my problems were solved for this 1601 error by choosing A3 as a print size for 13×19 rather than creating a new custom size. Prints fine now.

Epson Printer 3880 Error 1531

ASF phase detection error A status detected by the ASF sensor does not change when the ASF motor has driven for a predetermined time period. Replace the ASF motor (MOTOR, ASSY, ASF). Replace the ASF sensor.

Alright, This isn’t really great this error connects to the mech board/mechincial problem within the device that has actually spoiled and needs support & repair service. I would certainly and constantly encourage individuals to get in touch with the producer straight to see if they still have a service warranty because it’s much less compared to a years of age. I recognize locations like Epson and HP were either changing or sending out devices out also if from guarantee or providing 50-75% off on solutions, fixing, and new devices(also it from guarantee).

Some recommendations …

Power down the printer (via the through on switch front panel) and then as well as after that disconnect cord from cable back. Make use of a flashlight to aid you analyze inside the printer (after you raise the leading panel) and simply verify for even more blue packaging tape.

Take a look around meticulously inside and see to it there does not seem anything else displaced or apparently out of whack.

Wait for the 3800 to go via its typical start-up series and see if it provides you the very same error. If it does, I’m worried you’ll have to wait till Monday to call Epson technology assistance.

Epson 3880 Error 1600

Paper size sensing unit blockage error 1600 An international compound on the platen was spotted at power-on. Inspect to see if there is anything on the platern, one of the sensing units is spotting somthing when the printer is doing its checks on power on.

I disconnected the printer without transforming it off, allow it establish a min or so, and after that reconnected and transformed it on. Simply transforming off the printer did not function; I presume it keeps the error and refills it when transformed on once more.

I must keep in mind that I did need to go back and locate the printer, and attach it to the network nonetheless (Windows 7).

Epson 3880 Error 1121

Examine the CR range (SCALE, CR) for wrong accessory, scrape, dust, and deal with any type of problem. Change the CR range (SCALE, CR). Change the CR encoder (BOARD ASSY., ENCODER, CR).

Changing the CR ‘belt’ (which is a semi-rigid strip of plastic) appears very straightforward yet Epson could not in fact market it to the public although the public auction website might have it. From the noise of it, I question if teh CR belt has actually begun to ‘shred’ a little bit and when you relocate the carriage over to the left, it goes past the shred factor and cannot make it’s means back as it’s obtaining hung up on the shred. If the paper is not fed definitely right, the printer misjudges the paper dimension and prints appropriately.

Print top quality apart, my Epson 3880 printer has actually been a frustration for this and various other factors. Others below have actually advised various other more recent designs which have a much better loading device that does not utilize rollers.

Epson 3880 Error 1226

Change the PF electric motor (MOTOR, RELEASE, ASSY). There is something stuck in the paper feed course which is holding up the sensing unit flag making it assume there is paper in it.

Obtain your vacuum cleaner and stick the hose pipe down the paper feed course and see if it draw out a press pin, item of paper paper, hair round, eraser, coin, toe nail, incorrect eye eyelash etc (all of which I have actually gotten rid of from devices with “paper jams”) This did job, yet I attempted something that error much better. The painters tape conveniently eliminates from paper, and there isn’t really a mess with ink along the folded up side of paper from over service.

Usually when this takes place, something has actually dropped right into the printer, or an item of paper has actually been obstructed in there. If absolutely nothing goes, or you can not listen to anything rattling about, obtain an item of cardstock paper (60lb or larger) and carefully press this via the printer, to see if it will certainly aid press out exactly what may be stuck in there.