Epson 4180 Error Message

Epson 4180 Error Message – For those of you who are new to using this scanner, sometimes this printer showing error message on computer that can not be used to scan and others, here are some error messages and how to solve it by

Epson Perfection 4180 This version is NOT recognized

Usually this error message “This version is NOT recognized” occurs when you want to install a new driver on Epson 4180 scanner. Error message occurs among some users who actually how to fix it very easily. How to fix it is to download the latest driver for the scanner and re-install it because some files are often damaged especially if the installation CD has been stored for quite a while, please click the download link.

If the error still occurs, try installing with compatibility mode, to do it just right click the installer > properties > compatibility > choose OS.

Compatibility mode
Compatibility mode

Epson 4180 Not Working in Windows 10

If you upgrade your Windows operating system to Win 10, sometimes the scanner software doesn’t working at all. To solve the problem you can follow these steps.

  1. Right click on shortcut or Icon then click Properties
  2. Click Compatibility > Uncheck Run this program in compatibility mode for > OK
  3. WIN + R (RUN) > type service.msc > OK
  4. Find Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) in name list > Right-click > Properties
  5. Set Startup type > Automatic
  6. Set Service Status > Running > OKa

Update your driver

The scanner driver might be eliminated after updating to Windows 10. Or the set up drivers could be not suitable with Windows 10. You could go to Epson main site to download and install the most recent Windows 10 driver.

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