Epson L805 Review Printer

Epson L805 Review Printer – Epson represents the newest L series printer that equipped with wireless printing functions of various types of mobile devices. The Printer is Epson L805, and this photo printer replaces the popular L800 series. The Epson L805 is featured in six-color ink and is the first printer in the world to use a high-capacity tank system. Thus the quality exceeds the printer with the cartridge system.

This printer uses a Micro Piezo print head with a fantastic feature that can deliver lab-quality prints with a resolution of 5,760 dpi. With the tank system makes this printer so sparingly used. With a low cost per bottle, each set of ink can print high volume up to 1,800 pieces of 4R size. So, these savings can reduce operating costs while lowering the ink replacement time.

Epson L805 Review Printer
Epson L805 Review Printer

One of the things that are the main attraction of this printer is its ability to support wireless printing. With no cables connecting devices or devices with the printer makes it easy for high flexibility to print files. Users can print quickly with Epson L805 Review Printer and seamlessly with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity that comes with several Epson Connect features.

Epson L805 Wi-Fi

This printer is a photo color printer too with an original infusion ink system by Epson that equipped with Wireless technology. This printer is the world’s first photo printer that uses an infusion ink system and a 6-color photo ink, prints photos borderless or without borders.

The Epson L805 also features CD / DVD direct printing, wirelessly printing from pc / notebook/smartphone via Wi-Fi-router network. This printer is suitable for professional users, photographers, graphic designers, architects, magazine offices, and many users in the office or home. Epson L805 Review Printer is widely used by businessmen of SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises), such as flash photoshop or professional prints, and so on.

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