Epson Pro 3880 Maintenance Cartridge and Tank Reset

Epson Pro 3880 Maintenance Cartridge and Tank Reset – When the cartridge is virtually complete, the message MAINTENACE CARTRIDGE IS NEARLY FULL panel. When the cartridge is entirely complete, the printer quits functioning and REPLACE THE CARTRIDGE shows up on the LCD.


You could examine what does it cost? area stays in the upkeep cartridge by watching its indication on the control board, as revealed listed below. You could alsocheck its condition utilizing the printer’s food selections (see web page 83) or by publishing anozzle check sheet (see web page 84).

Epson Pro 3880 Maintenance Cartridge and Tank Reset

Substitute cartridges are readily available from Epson (item code T582000). This mistake issue includes if the upkeep cartridge symbol informs that the upkeep cartridge is complete or near complete on theLCD panel, change the upkeep cartridge.


You could acquire substitute products for your printer from an accredited Epson reseller. (U.S. sales) or (Canadian sales).

Comply with these actions to change the upkeep cartridge.

1. Make certain the printer is not publishing or carrying out other procedures (or READY PAPER OUT need to show up on the control board).
2. Shut off the printer.

If you have 2 3800/3880 you could continual!y swop the carts in between the 2. I have the 3880-3880 and P800 and thte e the exact same cart so think of the opportunities.

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