[Fix] Epson C1100 Service Required e537

[Fix] Epson C1100 Service Required e537 – one of the common error in Epson C1100 is Serv Req E537. This error is also common in Aculaser C1100, CX11N, CX21N and all variants. To fix this error is just turn off the printer, wait around 30 seconds and turn on again. if the error is not lost please follow the following tutorial.

How to fix Epson C1100 Service Required e537

Epson C1100 Service Required e537
Very often Epson printers have a strange error message like one example is Service Required e537. The “Req E537 server” error message printer usually occurs because the fusher fails to warm up the required temperature. This could result from a paper mis-feed, the fuser being improperly seated, ecological variables or an issue with the fuser itself.

Solution 1

Here we provide some solutions that you can practice for Epson C1100 printer can be reused properly and can print your document files. First check for a paper jam or other blockage in the fuser device, and reseat it. Power off the printer, leave it for around 30 seconds and then power it on once more. This could clear the error. If not, check out additionally.

When the printer has actually been in use, the fuser device and surrounding locations may be extremely hot. Wait 20 minutes or even more for the fuser device to cool, and make sure not to touch the fuser rollers themselves. You could discover additional safety and repairing details in your customer guide, available from the Epson web site.

See image below to fix.

Solution 1a : Epson C1100 Service Required e537
Solution 1b Epson C1100 Service Required e537
Figure1c Epson C1100 Service Required e537

In the final steps, close the cover and try to print other documents. If it’s doesn’t work, turn off the printer than turn on again.

Solution 2

Check that the paper being utilized appropriates for a printer and within specification.

These are the sustained paper kinds and weights for typical media kinds, ranked in g/m2. The weight must be kept in mind on your paper’s product packaging. If unclear, consult your distributor:

Paper Type Weight Range Load Paper In
Plain paper  64 to 80 g/m2 Any paper tray
 Semi-thick  81 to 105 g/m2 Any paper tray if Epson media, otherwise MP Tray
 Thick  106 to 163 g/m2  MP Tray Only
 Extra thick  164 to 210 g/m2  MP Tray Only
 Coated  105 to 210 g/m2  MP Tray Only

Inkjet paper, specifically photo or shiny media, is not developed to hold up against the warmth of a warm fuser system and could jam or perhaps thaw inside the printer.

See among the Related Articles or your individual overview for additional info on right paper storage space, suitable paper density setups, making use of the right paper tray and suggestions on printing on unique media such as envelopes, openness and tags.

Solution 3

If it is especially cool, or if the printer is near to an open home window, it could not have the ability to heat up. Relocate the system to a warmer setting and examination it once again.

Control Thermistor discovered a temperature level surpassing the defined temperature level. Security Thermistor discovered a temperature level surpassing the defined temperature level.? The Control Thermistor identified a temperature level listed below the defined temperature level also after the defined time expired from Main Lamp ON at Warm Up?

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