How To Setup Wi-Fi Brother MFC-J430W

After talking about the Brother MFC-J430W printer on the blog, you all know that the MFC code means this is a multifunction printer that can scan, copy, and fax. This printer also has a connection that is very useful: a wireless printer connection.

Now, the blog will talk about how to set up the Wifi on this Brother printer. Using this connection can make it easier for many people/workspace areas to connect directly without having to use a cable first. This wi-fi connection is also better than others for using the iPrint app and printing directly from an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

Setup Brother MFC-J430W

How to set up a wifi printer is a common question among printer users, because if it’s not set up right, printing over wifi often doesn’t work or has problems. For that reason like Brother MFC-J430W won’t connect to wifi, it’s a good idea to set up this printer’s wifi correctly so that it’s less likely to not connect or print. See for more information Brother A3 MFC-J3520 Printer Review, Specifications and Prices.

Set up the Brother MFC-J430W Wi-fi Printer

In addition to its advanced features, this printer has a cheap Brother printer, which makes it a popular choice among buyers of this inkjet multifunction printer with wifi. Here’s how to set up a hotspot on the Brother printer.

  1. The printer must be “ON,” of course.
  2. Go to the Network menu, click Reset Network, and then press the number 1 (to restart the printer)
    After going through the steps above, the printer will go into the Default Printer mode.
  3. Then, go to the Network Menu and choose Setup Wizard.
  4. SSID options will show up. Choose NEW SSID and you’ll be asked to make a username and password. When you’re done, press OK.
  5. Then, choose AD-HOC, and then connect to the SSID you made (The printer will automatically print the printer status, then allow the printer 1-5 minutes to process the printer side by side via scan ip adders)
  6. Now that the WiFi has been set up, try connecting your laptop or computer to the printer’s SSID.

The second way to use Brother DVD Driver to set up WiFi

  1. Put the Brother Driver DVD/CD into the computer or laptop where the printer will be used.
  2. The Brother Driver autorun program will show up. Choose to install the full driver and software for the MFL-PRO Suite.
  3. If a warning message with the words “nuance pdf 4760” shows up, just ignore it by clicking “ignore,” and then keep going by clicking “next” while the software is being installed.
  4. When the installation is done, “Brother Printing Device Installation” will show up on the monitor.
  5. After that, you’ll see two options for setting up a connection. Choose No. 2 for the printer’s WiFi settings.
    1. USB connection close to home
    2. Connecting to a wireless network
  6. After that, the Wireless Setup Menu will show up. Choose “Use Your Computer or Control Panel” and then “Next.” There will be three options to choose from. Choose “Temporarily Use a Cable” and then “Next.” Plug the USB into the computer and let the process finish.
  7. When the process is done, a message that says “Available Wireless Network” will show up. Use your laptop or computer to do a wireless scan. When the printer’s SSID has been found, try to connect. If you get a wireless signal, just ignore it and press OK.
  8. The warning pops up to remind us that we haven’t set the password for the printer’s SSID, which we set up earlier. After you pressed OK earlier, the “Wireless Network Setting Confirmation” menu will appear. Click “Next” to move on, and then “Disconnect Usb Cable” will tell you to take the USB cable out.
  9. When you’re done unplugging the cable, press “Next.” A box will appear with the words “choose the Brother machine you want to install.” Reconnect your wireless laptop to the Brother printer, then refresh until the printer shows up automatically.
  10. When you’re done, press “Next” and let the installation run. When it’s done, press “Next” and “Restart Computer Now.”

How to set up the Brother MFC-J430w wireless printer It has been done successfully, and you can easily connect a laptop or computer because the wireless Brother printer can be read.

Hopefully, this will be helpful and solve the problem with your printer’s wifi connection.

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